Monitoring Sites - Samford

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The purpose of the Samford site is to:

  • Examine the influence of land-use change and intensification associated with peri-urban environments on soil, plant, animal and atmosphere interactions.

  • Measure the exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapour and energy between the soil/pasture and the atmosphere of an improved pasture in response to increasing harvest intervals.

  • Use micrometeorological techniques in conjunction with automatic GHG static closed chambers (CO2, N2O, CH4), soil moisture probe transects, stream water quality and terrestrial biomass measurements to close the carbon, water and nitrogen budgets of the improved pasture.

  • Develop a full global warming potential analysis from this data for this land use.

  • Examine the suitability of micrometeorological techniques in complex terrain in a sub-tropical environment

Modified: 7/10/21