Monitoring Sites - Howard Springs

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Site Description

The Howard Springs flux station is located in the Black Jungle Conservation Reserve in the Northern Territory (GPS coordinates: -12.4943, 131.1523).

The flux tower site is classified as an open woodland savanna. The overstory is co-dominated by tree species Eucalyptus miniata and Eucalyptus tentrodonata, and average tree height is 14–16m.

Elevation of the site is close to 64m and mean annual precipitation is 1750mm. Maximum temperatures range from 30.4°C (in July) to 33.2°C (in November), while minimum temperatures range from 19.3°C (in July) to 25.4°C (in November). Therefore, the maximum and minimum range varies from 7°C (wet season) to 11°C (dry season).

The instrument mast is 23m tall. Heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide measurements are taken using the open-path eddy flux technique. Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, incoming and reflected shortwave radiation and net radiation are measured above the canopy.

Soil heat fluxes are measured and soil moisture content is gathered using time domain reflectometry.

Modified: 7/10/21