Monitoring Sites - Scott Farm

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At Scott Farm, fluxes of heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide are measured using the open-path eddy flux technique. Supplementary measurements include air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, PAR and net radiation. Soil moisture content, soil heat fluxes and temperature are also measured.

To allow calculation of the carbon budget of the grazed pasture in the footprint, non-CO2 carbon fluxes (e.g. imported feed, exported silage, exported milk, methane) are also measured or estimated.

Instrument Type Make Model location
Open path
- CO2, H2O
LI-COR LI-7500 2.8m
Sonic anemometer Campbell Scientific CSAT3 2.8m
Net Radiation REBS Q 6.7.1 0.93m
Shortwave incoming radiation Kipp & Zonen SP Lite 3m
Photosynthetically active radiation LI-COR LI190SB 3m
Air temperature and relative humidity Vaisalla HMP45A 2.8m
Raingauge Hydrological Services TB5 0.4m
Cup anemometer Vector A101M 0.93m
Wind vane Vector W200P 3m
Soil heat flux (2 replicates) REBS HF3 Ground, -6 cm
Soil temperature Lab made TCAV Ground, -10 cm
Ground, -5 cm
Soil temperature Campbell Scientific TCAV Ground -2 and -6 cm
Soil moisture Campbell Scientific CS616 Ground, -5 cm
Ground, -10 cm


Modified: 7/10/21