Monitoring Sites - Alice Springs Mulga

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Measurements being made at Alice Springs Mulga.

Instrument Type Make Model Location
Open path CO2, H2O Li-Cor Li-7500 11.6m
Sonic anemometer Campbell CSAT3 11.6m
Air temperature profile Vaisala HMP45C 2m, 4.25m, 6.5m, 11.6m
Radiation Kipp and Zonen CNR1 12.2m
Wind speed profile RM Young 03101 2m, 4.25m, 6.5m, 9.25m
Wind vane RM Young 03301 9.25m
Barometric pressure Vaisala CS106 1m
Rain gauge Hydrological services CS7000 2.5m in clearing
Ground heat flux Middleton CN3 -0.08m
Soil temperature Campbell TCAV -0.02m to -0.06m (averaging)
Soil moisture – SWC Reflectometer Campbell CS616 0m to -0.10m (averaging)
Soil moisture – TDR Campbell CS610 -0.1m to -0.3m (averaging)
-0.6m to -0.8m (averaging)
-1.0m to -1.2m (averaging)
Battery voltage   100 A-hr AGM  
Datalogger panel temperature Campbell CR3000 (x2) + CR1000  


Modified: 07/22/2019